When you finally decide to buy a gaming PC, you have one objective. Play games! The next step, however, can be a real pain. How can you know how well the game will perform on that PC? With tons of different models of graphics card thrown at by card manufacturers, even deciding the chipset (1050 Ti/1060/1070) isn't really enough. You also need to look at the fine prints in terms of clock speed, cooling methods etc. 

Even after all that effort, what you can actually get is an estimate of the performance (unless you have a friend who already owns a PC and you plan to buy everything exactly the same). This is why many forums and e-commerce websites are flooded with the exact same question:

How much FPS will I get on <Insert Game Name Here>?

You must ask the right question first! 

Well, first we need to refine the question. The above question on its own is incomplete. While FPS is definitely an important parameter, there are 2 other major things you need to consider. The resolution at which you wish to play at (ideally the resolution of your monitor) and the graphic settings of the game. The FPS number will vary heavily based on those 2 parameters on the exact same PC. 

So what is the real answer? 

So when you pose a question which says "Hey, I want to play GTA 5 on Full HD at high to Ultra graphic settings. What is the FPS will I get?"

Now, this is a question we can answer for the PCs we sell! We have tested many popular games on all our rigs and recorded the game-play (with FPS and many other useful numbers) for you to see. At the beginning of each video, we've also shown the exact graphic settings we've used. We are constantly adding more games in our endeavor to clear as many doubts as possible. You can visit our video page and check out the available games. There are multiple filter options available:

  1. Filter by Game: Here you can see the performance of your favorite game on all the PCs we sell. There is a dedicated video page for every game and PC combination where you can find more detailed information
  2. Filter by Product: Thinking of buying a particular model and you want to see what games we've tested on it? This is the option for you
  3. Filter by Resolution: The foundation of every gaming PC. As a helpful tip, our range of Inizio PCs are all tested on HD+ (1600x900) resolution, Argento PCs on Full HD (1920x1080) and Oro PCs on 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)

Visit our videos page now. In case you aren't able to find your favorite game, do drop us a quick chat message and we'll get working on it right away!

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